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@poojas reminded me it that time again! One of my well loved groups is up for the challenge! History! or as many know, those guys that did the abs thing!
Sihyeong, Yijeong, Kyungil, Jaeho, Dokyun 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have kids with, Baby Appa
1. Shag Kyungil, no question, that man and his hair pulling 2. Marry Yijeong, he is so cute and he'd probably date Kyungil too anyway XD 3. Kill Jaeho, it just happened that way, I still love you! 4. Stalk Sihyeong or if psycho is anything to go by stalk each other 5. Dokyun is the Baby Appa, he'd make good looking kids

So who do you choose?!

play more here! and if you don't know the group well look here!
@VixenViVi haha okay! Give me some time, I need time xD
I don't think I can pick xD
1 shag kyungil 2 marry sihyeong 3 kill dokyun 4 stalk yijeong 5 kids jaeho
1. Sihyung 2. Kyungil 3. Jaeho 4. Dokyun 5. Jiyeong
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