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Because Nathan's Hot Dogs are literally the best.
People don't eat 30 hot dogs in one sitting if they're not absolutely fantastic. Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York is home to the world famous Nathan's Hot Dog stand and the 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest, a total American tradition. I'd heard about Nathan's Hot Dog contest through the Today's show when I was a little kid. And today I finally got one of my own.
Making the pilgrimage Nathan's Hot Dogs in Coney Island, Brooklyn New York is like arriving at hot dog heaven. People from all over come to have a taste of the unbelievable crisp dogs that everyone buys at baseball games, but never have that snap of one from Coney Island.
No hotdog tastes like a Coney. The "snap" is what people always talk about, crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside. These little puppies are hearty, filling and taste divine, like a call back to the 50s where a baseball game was live in front of you and you spilled mustard on your shirt, but didn't care.
It tastes like summer, late nights on a boardwalk, salt in your hair. When you bite into a Nathan's hot dog, you're biting into summer. And it's the best feeling in the world.
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