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There is a lot of people out there who fight or struggle with depression. If you are one of the victims who battled depression on some point, I would like you to comment on a subject of how to deal with it the best way, to all of those, who still wake up in the morning (after no real aleep at all) and are afraid to live. Me: never leave everything to the faith (especially now, that you probably don't believe in anything), but at the same time; don't try to deal with everything at once. Don't try to fix everything, just do as your heart, body, soul and mind feel (and talk to someone, before making any big decision or reactions). No matter how stupid this will sound, time really is your best helper. Now it's your turn. Raise your voice, tell us something meaningful. People might find it helpful.
"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by jerks and fucking assholes" - George Carlin
Ive had depression for going on five years now. Ive been hurting myself in various ways for 3. The best advice I have is fuck doctors. Medicine doesnt always help and it takes too long to find the right"cocktail" I do recommend therapy and finding people you can trust and talk to. Talking can do wonders if its to the right person. Also distraction is key dont think. Just keep pushing and going forward. Find something or one to hold on for. Finally be yourself and ignore the assholes. They only mess with you cause you have something they want. Try not to let it get to you too bad. I know its easier said than done. If anyone ever needs help Ill be there for ya. I know how you feel you arent alone anymore. You never were.
@HermitRay This is honestly just what I needed to read. Thank you!! @rodiziketan Honestly, I'm not so sure I know what to do in these situations. I'm great at not being bothered by all the things that are actually nagging at me, but I've learned over timw that ignoring all problems is alao not the same as overcoming them in a time of frustration - theyll come back later. I haven't ever suffered from real depression, but I do think that my one advice would he to remember that confronting and surfacing difficult things is the first step to addressing and overcoming them.
@lifeisok This is a great point to always remember: do yourself a favour and be yourself, not your enemy. It's not always easy, but I think striving to be my own friend is easier than striving to always be happy, if that makes sense :)
But I wanted to say this: Life is not a plastic bag full of candies. Don't give up on you because in the end it's only you against the world. Yeah people die or wither and fade away. But do yourself a favour and be yourself, not your enemy.
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