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I have noticed a trend. I seem to get addicted to apps that start with V.
First was Viki, from which I get my Kdrama fixes. I have tried other drama brodcasting websites, but Viki remains my favorite. I especially like the live commentary feature because it make me feel like I'm watching with a lot of fellow Kdrama fans :3
The second is, of course, Vingle where I met all you amazing people. I love interacting with people who understand my inner fangirl, not just for kpop but also dramas and anime and travel, and so on. I especially love the Kpop community who are supportive and made me feel instantly welcome <3
The latest one is V, the star broadcasting app where you can see live broadcasts from your favorite idols. I'm still new to this app, so I can't say much, but it is definitely addictive :D The only thing is that not all videos have subtitles
What about you guys? What are your favorite Kpop/Kdrama apps?
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