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A month or two ago I watched the debut mv of a group. I'm pretty sure I liked them, but I guess not enough to completely stalk them? Anyway, my problem is that I can't remember what the name of the group is. I remember in the music video they had masks on and one by one they revealed their faces except for one guy (I think he wanted a mysterious image?). That's really the only defining characteristic that I can remember of the group. If anyone knows the name of the group can you please tell me? I'd like to check them out again to see whether I like them since I didn't really give them a chance before.
@VixenViVi I actually saw part of their pops in Seoul segment but since so many established groups that I like we're having comebacks at the time I kind of just wrote A6P off. I'm going to try memorizing names and faces now
A6P I am excited to see them grow as a group and see the last ones fave asgfhfjfklfkjshjsksk. XD
@JustinaNguyen Yeah a lot of groips have and had stuff going on right now, hard to keep up at t8mes
NP they did their first interview recently and it was cute and funny XD
@VixenViVi Thanks! I thought there was a 6 in their name but I wasn't sure. I'm going to go check them out right now