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HI everyone, so [E] has finally come out, which means MADE Is gonna come out as a complete album soon! My mom has finally promised me that I can get it since I can't attend the Toronto MADE concert cuz I'm leaving for the EU for a school trip, however, I have completely NOOOOO idea how to buy it and where to buy it from, and the price, and the shipping... argh it's so confuzzling! It would be awesome if you guys can help me out here... after all, I am kinda new lol >.< Highly appreciated!!!!!!! Oh and btw, I'm located in Canada :D
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and Kisses !
you can look for it on like Amazon when the album comes out!
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I bought all the MADE series on ebay. they have a direct buy from Korea. so type big bang made in the eBay seach and it should come up
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@dvniellekvm @LaurenAntoine Thanks so much! ilysm <3
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awww I hope you get it soon too ^_^
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