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okay so I'M really disappointed that most people don't know about them (T▽T) they are literally so SO captivating! this group is full I mean full of bias wreckers so be warned! Below will be introductions to the members in case you don't know! (=´∀`)
Birth Name: Kim Sung Joo Stage Name: Sungjoo Birthday: February 16, 1994 Position: Korean Leader, Vocalist Height: 180 cm Weight: 68 kg Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean
Birth Name: Li Wen Han Stage Name: Wenhan Birthday: July 22, 1994 Position: Vocalist Height: 180 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: A Nationality: Chinese
Birth Name: Cho Seung Yeon Stage Name: Seungyoun Birthday: August 5, 1996 Position: Rapper, Vocalist Height: 180 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean
Birth Name: Wong Yi Bo Stage Name: Yibo Birthday: August 5, 1997 Position: Maknae, Rapper, Dancer Height: 179 cm Weight: 59 kg Blood Type: A Nationality: Chinese
Birth Name: Zhou Yi Xuan Stage Name: Yixuan Birthday: December 11, 1990 Position: Chinese Leader, Rapper Height: 183 cm Weight: 65 kg Nationality: Chinese
Yibo <3
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Seungyoun my baby!!!! I love this group so much!! I wish people would notice them more! they are so talented!!! And Seungyoun dorky-ness is enough to draw anyone in. Not to mention Yibo and Sungjoo's sexyness!!!
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Same, it makes me sad how people don't know them....but soon will come the chance where they will be known more than they are now! BTW my 2 biases are Sungjoo and Wenhan
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