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Hi y'all! So, I've been in school for about a week already and oh my gosh its already so tiring ! D:
It's been so hot here in Hawai'i and there isn't AC in every single class room. The pain is real.
But I took a class thats waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone! Explorations in Drama. I'm very shy in person.. and this class is actually very hard. But slowly I've been participating more and it's been super fun! I feel like everyones judging me at the same time ;-;
Anyways! thats just an update~ (I really miss staying at home and watching kpop all day D:)
Did anyone start school yet? and are taking any interesting classes? @AshleySilliado <3
I took drama freshman year. My reason was also because I wanted to come out of my shell. I'm not exactly shy but I don't really talk much so I wanted to challenge myself. Drama 1/exploration in drama was pretty fun for me. I ended up taking drama 2 last year when I was a junior. Now that was out of my comfort zone- I had to sing in front of the whole class. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your senior year. I'm starting mine in three days. Go class of 2K16!
I actually start college on the 27th and I'm really feeling completely out of my comfort zone since I moved and don't know anyone where I'm currently living.
@AimeeH senior year of HS
@jaywoveu Thanks for your words of encouragement and I wish you the best of luck as well ^.^
@kookiebyu good luck on the drama. As they say in show business break a leg and thanks.
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