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@DanieTate I think they owe you some pancakes then. Nobody told them to be all amazing looking and highly visible while you were trying eat your pancakes. Write JYP and tell him that you demand breakfast with all of 2PM. Bam! I just high fived myself because that's a great idea! LOLOLOLOLOLOL LOLOLOLOLOLOL LOLOLOLOLOLOL LOLOLOLOLOLOL
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@Candacejordan lololololololololololololol i love u rn hahahahaha. i think im gonna do that to . cuz they wanna be all sexy a junk gonna make a girl drop her pancakes lil dang . and they know they be a hella sexy . hell i they need to come wit a warning sign next time
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i think they need to come wit a warning sign next time
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@DanieTate And that is exactly how you present your case to JYP. They have been told several times how NICE they look. They've been featured on Men's Health Magazine which is reserved for only the HEALTHIEST of the species. Therefore, they need to be more cautious. Warnings are now necessary. You did not receive a warning. You lost your pancakes. They need to take responsibility. You are seeking fresh pancakes personally delivered to you by all the members for the damages. It has been proven that Takyeon can cook; so, he can even cook the pancakes in front of you. I'm your lawyer in this matter; so, I'll represent you - which means I need to be present as well. 馃槑馃槑馃槑
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oh my guk @Candacejordan u got me rollin. that shit is tooo funny . u so have the job
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