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I woke from a long night, silence pierced all around me. I step from my bed and pull a robe over my shoulders my dog runs up to me frightened. as I walk downstairs he fallows quietly I go to the kitchen where my father is usually making breakfast and my mother is brewing coffee and cleaning up after him, but neither of them were there to welcome us the coffee pot laid broken on the ground in a puddle and a pan with what seemed to be a pancake still smoked. "MOM, DAD!?" I call out only my own echo responds. I walk to the living room where my brother usually sits playing call of duty, nothing but a controller was in his spot. I step outside now, worried. The mail kids bike laying on the sidewalk the tire spinning slowly and the papers scattered about. a car still running sits in the street. where did everyone go? as panic sets in, I run back to the kitchen in hopes to distract myself with cleaning up the mess. It didn't help. I walk down the street; spot still fallowing me I go to the coffee shop right in town and make my self a nice hot chocolate and proceed to walk to the book store to grab some books and occupy my mind that is already beginning to spin into state of insanity. for once the world was quiet.. actually quiet. I barrow for say a car that was running at a green light and begin to drive to the state park. once I get there it finally hits me and I breakdown and cry.. everything I love is gone but my dog. I am completely alone.
I love that you wrote about trying to go and make a drink at the cafe and read something to make sense of it....simialr to what i'd do i think
I love this! So detailed and vivid!