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I'm shooting the events in this week-long celebration of Spanish culture and tradition for one of the event's top sponsors, JP Morgan Chase. Above - the Spirit of the Fiesta represents the rich cultural influence of the original Spanish settlers in Santa Barbara though traditional dance.
My badge for the events... JP Morgan Chase donates $25,000 to help sponsor the week-long celebration. I'm a proud graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, so my Fiesta badge is hung around my neck with a Brooks Institute lanyard.
A fun aspect of shooting this event... there's a dress code. I've had to wear a cowboy hat and boots all week! If you plan on being in Southern California during the first/second week of August next year, be sure to check for Old Spanish Days events in Santa Barbara; it's a great time!
Looking forward to the other photos too!
@JonPatrickHyde oh my goodness that's incredible! You definitely deserve some recovery time now :)
way more to come... i did 6 shoots in 6 days and I'm recovering now. my phone says I did 20,000 steps each day.
That first photo is stunning! This sounds like such an amazing event I hope you had an awesome time!