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don't tell me no one on this app "vingle" are not watching this drama? ohh no no no... YOU GUYS ARE MISSING OUT ALL THE JUICY STUFF!! GO SUPPORT MY HUBBY and watch his drama call "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" but yesssss when his silliness backstage versus him be dead ass serious during the filming... I die. lol. my oppa is too damn adorable and handsome! ❀
@caitlinda9898 mhmm?? what? what episode is that? I'm pretty sure I saw the latest episode... aaaahhhhh nvr mind i remember now. lol. (*spoiler--ish? kinda...That was a lie.. he knows he's faling in love her but kept being mean to her and pushing her away because hes afraid of harming someone he love twice.) He's been lonely and now longing to be a human and wanting stop killing people... poor boy.. my baby JG....@merryhayne13 ikr lol Soo Hyuk is so handsome. @FabiolaGavina mhmm mhmm you need an upgrade. lol. I don't watch on either I watch it on Dramafire. you need to hurry and catch up... things are just getting starting. lol
Love this drama, it just keeps me on my toes. I love the main leads but I believe it was two/three episodes ago I got really upset at Lee Soo Hyuk's character, (*Spoiler*- When he told the main lead he only wanted to sleep with her I wanted to cry- *End of Spoiler*) What do did you think? There should be some discussion board after each episode of a current drama I think :)
I love this show he makes one hell of a vampire and he is soooo beautiful my god. And Lee Soo Hyuk my god he's gorgeous this is like sexy eye candy on over drive
@YGWinner are you watching it on Viki or dramafever? I was watching it on Viki because it has more episodes, but since I hate commercials and I already have dramafever premium I decided to nit watch it for two weeks and be four episodes behind. the last episode I saw was six. so no spoilers, please.
@FabiolaGavina YEEEEESSSSSS he is! He is so playful during the set and after... I seen his videos on IG and ohhh my goodness... I can not handle him....lol. His goofiness...handsomeness...too damn adorable... That is why I looooove my hubby JG. As for Soo Hyuk mhmm mhmm mhmm my god... his sexy ass selfie as well is just... omg.. lol. he is so damn hot and sexy! lol. I'm loving the drama too much, I don't know how I will last a week for the new episode...
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