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It meant to post this earlier this morning but then I feel alseep lol but it was 2am (kpop anyone ;P) and I found these little charcoal pieces just kind of hanging around and I wasnt just going to toss them out since they could be used I made an attempt to draw big bang :D .......I might stick to less detailed drawings when using charcoal anyway lol (or just find the charcoal pencils instead while practicing) But us VIP's know that G-Dragon's birthday is coming up fast (the 18th of this month) Im going to be doing an appreciation post for his birthday :D I know its sort of early to start but know life I guess lol
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So cooooool! Love TOP and GD :)
@AkiraCondry thank you for sharing!
thank you @poojas I'm working on something else also for GD's birthday it's not in Charcoal though lol. (Is it sad that I get more excited for Kpop birthdays then i do for my own lol)
@AkiraCondry I don't think that's sad! It means you end up celebrating more birthdays overall ^_^
luv it its so awesome and its rlly good u r a very talented artist