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so my birthday is coming up *cough cough* this thursday on the 13 *cough cough*
im so excited....i already want it to be my birthday cuz my sister told me she bought me something i would love......but that little presants are gonna be all over the house and i need to find them each day leading up to the main thing
so far i been finding these alll over the house (of course i took them and hanged them in my room) does this mean im getting kpop mearch for the first time
im enjoying the game but i want to know my presant ughhhhhhh it driving me crazy
so basically this card was to let everything out since she keeps teasing me ughhhhhhhhh i want to know already
but what if it is kpop merch ughhhhh im going crazy......... gbddhgheihtekdyciteifofork.........*sigh* ughhhh
i want to know.......tell me already
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@BIA4BTS5ever Happy Birthday nd I can see you are going to have an awesome one keep sharing I am excited for you 2 :)
ill let all of you know what i get for my birthday
Happy 16th birthday for Thursday
Hope you enjoy your birthday