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So we all have those songs in life that just hit us in the gut, right? Well for me, Let's not fall in Love couldn't have come out at a more perfect time.
I joined Tinder about a month or so ago to try the dating scene, since I've never dated before. I know, 23 and no experience, but I was too busy with family and school and work. But the point is I met a guy who seemed pretty decent, but the more I learned the more I realized he wasn't the type I'd feel proud to introduce as my bf. But he's a pretty cool person as a friend I think. So this song really made me think about this guy.
Were there any songs for anyone else on the MADE album that you really felt spoke to you or your situation?
Loser. ^^ I've had a really hard time in high school and this song makes me think of it and how i was strong enough to overcome it.
If You. it brought me back to a time in my life when I was wronged by someone I thought I loved and how hard it was for me to let them go even after what they did. it was a loooong time ago and now it's just a memory but an experience I've used to help others in similar situations.
@AkiraCondry I'm glad you are having some good luck. I didn't really click with Zutter, but I'm glad it helped out! 👍
If You was like a punch in the face for me.....about two moths ago me and my boyfriend had to break up because of really stupid reasons (we like eachother it's more because of other people). boyfriend.......but now I things are going pretty well for me and I sort of on a good slick streak so I'm more like "Zutter" now lol
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