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Hello everyone!

It's almost time for the Anime Marathon that we've been planning this week!

So so so excited to watch Tokyo Ghoul with you guys! ^_^

Since this is the first time we are trying an anime marathon together like this, we might run into some issues but hopefully we can figure out an even better system for next time!
Here's a little something so we can try to be as synchronized as possible! XD

Let's do this marathon people! Starting right at 1PM EST! ^_^

Let's chat in the comments as we watch. This should be fun! :)

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@biancadanica98 No problemo homie :)
Thank you for inviting me doll! I definitely look forward to more of these! ^~^
@AimeeH Yayayayay! Hopefully, we can all take turns hosting and figure out how to make it easier to chat as we watch on here. (Not sure if chat apps will work because that's asking a bit too much information from people lol)
@poojas yes I understand dear! we will figure something out!
holy moly! just the thing i need this weekend!! 馃榾