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I'm doing this shout out to show my appreciation to my non Kpop friends who listen to all my kpop stories and encourage, yes I said ENCOURAGE, my fangirling . I especially have this one friend who I always call/text whenever anything exciting happens in the Kpop world. She knows who my favorite group is. She even wrote me a personalized kpop scenario just for me with my bias at the time <3 Did I mention she's not into Kpop? And just yesterday I was texting her about the LR subunit for Vixx and Hongbin's casting. For my part I try to be supportive of her fandoms as well.
So here's a shout out to our Kpop and non-Kpop friends who prove that friendship is not based on only similar interests but on respecting and supporting each other.
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Love this card and it's so nice of you to set out examples of friendly fans. :)
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@HairConfetti Thank you ^·^
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