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they say "let's not fall in love" then why am I already "head over heels"? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ

i know its not really all that new but still... "let's not fall in love" is amazing song so mature and kind of sad but the MV has all those light and kind of dream like colors ... and even though i hope they dont mean it with the "let's not fall in love" i think anyone can relate to it cause anyone had or has a person that was like friend or something like that and you felt like there could be more but you were afraid cause what if UT doesnt work out ?you would loose what you have now with that person...or you just dont want to be in stable relationship because you are maybe free spirit or you are just worried you would not do well or hurt the person.. all i can say is that i love it i used the units for internet in my phone just to watch it when it came out cause i wasnt home but abroad ... and just the beginning and i was completely head over heels ...
finally GD &TOP Zutter ... what to say...when i saw the beginning i thought like "WTF??!" and then started tonlaugh cause really those toilet scenes - whether its both of them or GD those just got me :) and i like how it is made sort of like short gangster movie reminds me a bit of Tajja 2 and i think the movie is among other things mentioned in lyrics ...all those pigs there and those intestines and whatever created a crazy gangster little movie that seems like someone was on high when they thought about it :D but i love crazy things so of Course i love it :)
now into the MV making :) and i agree with daesung "the main message is let's not fall in love...are you kidding me? what kind of nonsence is that ? there are so many kinds of love and you guys should open up your hearts..." too true and then he goes on " and enjoy our song" sure i will :)
Zutter making ... ahhh do i even have to say anything ? :D maybe just. .who said TOP cant dance? really if he cant then what is this? it funny funky and crazy and cool and to me looks like dancing :) and really he is good actor :)
again who says TOP cant dance? cause if i could do this i would feel like im the best in the world :) especially that "butt wiggle " he does with the dancers there :D i would do it too if i knew i would look cool and not like and idiot :D
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