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OK kpop family. guess what girl trade her aoa audience pass for audience engagement teen top passes and made it through the hi touch without passing out!!!! this girl!!!!!! they wouldn't let us take pics or videos on stage but I got some of their interview and will post later Neil is so gorgeous!!!!!
who would say such a thing?!? his lips are perfection to me haha his hand was so soft and none of the other members really said anything during the hi touch but he was smiling and said hi to every fan that got to go though the line
@everiemisfit people will trade and there are opportunities to win fan engagement passes or hi touch passes
yes he is!! my friend says Neils lips are scary but I love em!! 馃槏
That's awesome that people trade and stuff, like helping out your fellow kpopper haha
@heidichiesa that's cool thank you! ^_^
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