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When I see you lying in our bed I can't take you out of my head The divine beauty and your gorgeous curves I wish to hold you tight and make you swirl Then I kiss your body from head to toe Taking you and your heart high and low First your forehead and then your lips Even your back, stomach to your thighs and hips I want to lick and grab all of you And want to make you feel loved as the night's due Then I will bite you here and there and leave my love bites So that I can lick them once again and even kiss them a slight Then I will caress all your curves and roll my hands over your body And your naked skin will respond to each of my fine attempt to copy I will burn under your heavenly fire And make you be my desire Then we will stay awake all night Making love to you in every possible right You will moan my name with your seductive voice And I will do you your way with your hot choice Then I will carry you all the way to tub to wash you And then reduce your hotness to a few So that I can make you hot again with my kiss, lick and touch As each part of your body is meant to be loved I will drench you in my hot love and make you mine As my lady we'd be busy in ourselves all the time Your gorgeous curves and smooth skin is my crazy instinct And I will purely full your heart with devilish distinct So that we moan all night filling each other And I worship your body to make us together