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so while i was on vingle posting my challange my dad asked what are you doing and i explained and hes like ohhh you should do mine
so here is my dads collection......welll the familys collection.....
so basically we are a movie freak family
when people see this at my house there like whoa that alot of movies
i agreee with it but hey if you meet us we will always find a way to throw in a movie refrence here and there but yeah.......here is what my dad wanted to show you guys hahaha
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@Soulsearcher97 dude yes the whole vingle fam i have a projector and a popcorn machine
Awesome collection! What kind of movies do you have in your collection?
@chandnip804 all kinds
Ohmigosh this is like my dad's collection lol I once had a friend get down on his knees and bow down to my parent's movie collection hahahahahahahaha xD
My family and I also use a lot of movie references when we talk XD