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found a link that says YG Entertainment is coming to L.A and New York in September for auditions!!!! Ages: 11-23(korean age) i got the link down below so check it out and you never know... you might be the next lucky person to join the YG Family. But if you are make sure to send me BIGBANG and 2ne1 merch...well actually send me as much as you
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got no talent, but always happy to meet the yg family! remember to audition and take me to korea with you
korean age?
@CheyenneJessee it's kind of weird and I don't completely get it myself but once you're born you are considered to be 1 years old since they count the time you spent inside your mom to be equivalent to one year. someone correct me if I'm wrong. oh yeah and everyone gets a year older on new year's day (not sure if western or lunar new year though). so basically your Korean age is either 1 or 2 years older than your normal age
@JustinaNguyen that is really weird!! That's why they look younger then what they say they are lol!
@CheyenneJessee haha yeah. that and because they take such good care of their skin. I could probably eat an entire meal in the time it takes most Korean women to finish their skincare routine