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YG is coming to the States!!!!
found a link that says YG Entertainment is coming to L.A and New York in September for auditions!!!! Ages: 11-23(korean age) i got the link down below so check it out and you never know... you might be the next lucky person to join the YG Family. But if you are make sure to send me BIGBANG and 2ne1 merch...well actually send me as much as you can.lol
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YG: Can you dance? Me: No. YG: Can you sing? Me: No. YG: Can you rap? Me: No. YG: Okay so why are you here? Me: To meet YG idols.....?
If I had a talent I would and if I was a dude no wait I would still do it I'll just disguise myself as a dude馃槆
I would so go, but they're only taking dudes this year! And I can't dance....Sadly馃槀馃槀馃槀
@nenegrint14 Same here! Dang! You what though...they'll probably be hiring for other jobs. I have a music degree. I just need a foot in the door. LOLOLOLOLOLOL 馃槑
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