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The Bts Dating Game *Update*
okay so im gonna be busy today and i haven't finish Part 7 or Part 8 :/
so this another short delay on the game well the ending.......part 7 and 8 might come out together still don't know
so since i prefer doing this in my laptop it wont be up till tomorrow or Monday yeah i know this a really long delay but its just i have somethings to take care of beacuse im having a sweet 16 so yeah
hope you guys understand i know i said ill make it up to you last time well the promise is also involved in this delay so again sorry :( i love you ill try my hardest to get it done tho and start the big bang one.........i know the gifs don't make sense but as i said im using my phone :/ i couldn't find any good ones that would fit so yeah sorry again
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