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So because I'm moving I already have all my thing packed. However I found an older picture which holds some of my superhero collection.
Currently though I have put hard backs, and shelling on my comics. Plus I have more comics, and shirts. Moreover the binders located on the right of the comic rack holds individual character biographies, pictures, and facts. Sorry about all my extra stuff hanging about.
Sadly I don't have any Kpop merchandise. Not until my birthday will I receive any. When I do I post some on the community.
@caitlind9898 thank you! Mine will definitely not be as impressive as yours because I'm so broke but I'll do what I can ^_^
Great I can't to see your collections @shannonl5 :)
@caitlind9898 I'll have to do this! My apartment is kind of a mess right now so this will give me the motivation to tidy up!
Yeah kinda, just a collection you have of some sort. Like next time I'm going to post my key chain collection. Anything would work @shannonl5
You have so much awesome stuff! Is the challenge to post all of your fandom related merch?