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I've always loved how close BIGBANG members are to each other, they have so many cute friendly moments it's contagious
Consequences of being a Maknae ...lol sounds like an epic movie title xD
GD and DLite, adorable duo!!
Daesung and TOP, so scandalous ;D
GD and Taeyang, the inseparable friends ❤
GD and Seungri... such a cute leader x maknae relationship ❤
And the legendary GD and TOP
I hope you guys enjoyed these beautiful big bang moments! ^_^
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@aliciasalinas Lol I guess so! xD TOP can be pretty weird sometimes
for the first one Top is like "hu" he's acting dead not paying attention to them
It's good to know they have great rapport. It's definitely needed with groups.
I also love their relationship! cute and funny stories always being told
these made me smile sooooo big!