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I've always loved how close BIGBANG members are to each other, they have so many cute friendly moments it's contagious
Consequences of being a Maknae ...lol sounds like an epic movie title xD
GD and DLite, adorable duo!!
Daesung and TOP, so scandalous ;D
GD and Taeyang, the inseparable friends ❤
GD and Seungri... such a cute leader x maknae relationship ❤
And the legendary GD and TOP
I hope you guys enjoyed these beautiful big bang moments! ^_^
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@aliciasalinas Lol I guess so! xD TOP can be pretty weird sometimes
2 years ago·Reply
for the first one Top is like "hu" he's acting dead not paying attention to them
2 years ago·Reply
It's good to know they have great rapport. It's definitely needed with groups.
2 years ago·Reply
I also love their relationship! cute and funny stories always being told
2 years ago·Reply
these made me smile sooooo big!
2 years ago·Reply