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Does anyone play Superstar SMTown? Its a tapping game with songs from each artist logo underneath the title.
Today I updated the game and couldnt help but notice that one of the reasons for a new update was LITERALLY because the logo was changed!?!?!?! Wow...SM...OK...I understand.
Anyway, its a very fun and great game to spend time. Its just that it has to be downloaded in the Korean app store (if on iOS) and idk about android but yeH.
You receive cards for completing the level. Each card represents a member from any group and the more you collect the higher your score. You can also upgrade them.
You make an account for the Korean app store. If u have itunes on a computer u can make the account by switching from US app store to Korean.
How did you get the app with an apple product? I have the iPhone 6 but every time I try to look for this app it's never there!??😭😭😭