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Posters and signed CDs :D tagged by: @B1A4BTS5ever I collect posters like crazy. I just moved into my cottage, so I put all of these up in the past 2 days.
The Boyfriend mini-posters that I haven't put up yet. They'll probably have to go in my bathroom. lol
Signed CDs. The gold streamer on the top shelf is some that Chanyeol played with on stage. The silver is from a 2PM concert. They wrote cute messages on it, so I included pics.
Some signed U-KISS pictures.
Other random stuff. I don't have all of my concert tickets up. :\ I guess you could say I collect seeing idols. lol I've seen 22 groups/solo artists, and 6 of them I've seen twice. Oh also, in one of those pics of my posters you can see some of my stuffed animals. I have OKCAT, pig-rabbit, and Alpacasso. So yeah, I have too much stuff, but I hope you liked it. :)
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wow! that's cool! I really wanted to move to Dallas for university but I'm not so good at driving.
you and this is like GOALS. IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY!!!
@trollied Thanks!! Watch out next week for my posts, because I'll be chronicling my week in Korea!
THIS IS ALL SO CUTE AND AWESOME! I'm jelly. i wished I had kpop merch:'(
@namelessx Thank you!