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Whoever made this, props! Sounds like the best shower ever馃挦馃槼
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I hate to say this... But its in all Good fun and love for those we love! No matter how conservative "WE" are... Myself included... But why do we all turn into for lack of a better term... "Easy fly openers!" When it comes to having a chance at a dream come true! Ok so here is my prayer... "Dear Holy Jay, Please forgive us for all the unholy thoughts we are having over what YOUR father created. If he didnt want us to OOGLE NOR THROW OUR SELVES MUCHLESS OUT PANTIES AND CLOTHING AT THEM! Then YOUR FATHER shouldnt have overdone it on the HOTNESS INGRIDIENTS but please thank him for us... Thank you. A FAITHFUL FOLLOWER OF KPOP! Amen!"
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@ParkMeiFan @B1A4BTS5ever that's why Suga said they are all pervs
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I need this but for other groups too.
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Be environmentally friendly, save water and shower together! Sounds good to me. :P
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But jungkook tho.... is he a pervert? lmao
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