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does anyone know who he is??

So I was watching the mirror dance practice to "Dope" and this dude kept catching my eye, but I don't know who he is. thanks for the help!! ^^
His name is Jungkook. He is the maknae. He is nicknamed the golden maknae. He is 18. He attends SOPA? And he is an amaizng singer. Hes getting better at rapping. His dancing is on point. He is single. And he has been cheating with other members from the group called: V & Jimin. Basically, he makes all fangirls famboys and group members thirsty. Ur welcome. Anything else, just ask
That's Jungkook ^^
@LiNaHyun Ahhhh thanks!! I knew it!! I just wasn't sure...but I'm glad he graduated, lucky him I'm still in high school...ugh is he going to college?? I don't know, maybe not with the busy schedule that they have but still curious if he is going...
Kooookie <3
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