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Behold, the bias wrecker. He's so dang cute and loveable and I just want to squish his cheeks together. This is weird having a bias outside of Bigbang xD
I can't handle how cute he is!! ^^
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he's gotten sooo handsome now too!! how is someone so cute & handsome at the same time!? Reminds me of GD in that sense haha <3
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lol thats how I felt at first I was like umm I feel like im cheating on bigbang for listening to them but it was too hard not to like them especially jimin , kookie and rap mon so I decided to share my love with all my bias lol
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Kookie is so Adorable!! <3
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he is the bias wrecker my original bias in bts was rap monster and jungkook ruined it
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He's so adorable but somehow managed to make it hot its ridiculous. I think he's magic.
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