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I used this for after the beach, which you can probably see from my rosy complexion. It's so easy! Works best with shoulder length hair or longer, though I imagine it would still look adorable with shorter hair. Just skip step 3.
1. Start with your hair damp and brushed back toward the crown of your head. 2. Wrap a folded handkerchief from the base of your head, on TOP of your hair, and tie in a simple knot at the front of your hairline. *TIP: This works best with the open fold of the handkerchief facing up from the base of your neck. (The open part of the fold will be facing back away from your face.) 3. Take the ends of your hair and wrap/tuck the ends loosely into the headband at the back of your head. Make sure the hair at the outermost part of the chignon is tucked in securely to avoid the style coming apart at the sides. 4. Arrange the hair at the top of your head, above the headband, so that it sits straight and won't fly out of the headband. 5. Gently tug some stands of hair/your bangs out at the front. The messier the better. A little spritz of dry shampoo on those front hair stands might be nice, too, to keep it from looking oily and sticking to your face.
@cabinetgnome13 you're welcome :)
Cute bandana!