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I just heard one of the Armys from Google went to the movies and saw fantastic 4 and rapmonster's song wasn't in the movie. -_-
Like really, what just happen??????? did he do something wrong or the people wouldn't understand korean. then make it English. it was your idea.
@ninachan Really?! My sister just said the same thing!! Lol hahaha but I think they should a separate movie theater for those who want to see the Korean movie and for those who want to see it in English....I would go to the Korean movie just see rap monster's song
@xoxoaudra98 it's just what I read from someone's post here. For all we know it was at the very end of the movie. I for sure still want to see it though cause Miles Teller is in it. :3
@xoxoaudra98 i know that's what I'm saying to my brother even though he doesn't know what am i taking about
@DevonArce same :(
@PaigeBennish you gotta be kidding me O.O this can't be happening like seriously and @DevonArce you're so right, that's basically my main reason to see it
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