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@B1A4BTS5ever So here is the thing I have an obsession with, DISNEY! I never really realized all the things of Disney that I've been collecting for some time. I actually didn't even know I was until some people (mainly my mom) pointed out that I have a serious problem. I have things from clothes, makeup to even socks. Yes socks!! If anything has Disney on it, I want it and WILL get it (as long as it's reasonable) So here are some Disney items I've gathered for you guys to see. Note: These are not all the items I own. These are just the things I got my little hands on for now. Also my room is a disaster!
These are some of the shirts I have. Not all of them are here so imagine.... haha
The dresses I have. I think I'm missing two or three though :(
The infamous socks I mentioned earlier. Again, I'm missing a lot :O
Makeup! These are all the Beauty books and pallets I've collected. I'm missing two eyeshadows =_=
Some of my stuffed toys. There are sooo many more but I had to put some away a long time ago because I had no room TT. TT
Last but not least my simba shoes ^^
So that's I can find for now. I also have quite a few jewelry pieces but my room is a mess so lol. And even it seems like much to some people, like Ariel says:
Omg your Disney socks are the cutest things!
@B1A4BTS5ever thank youuu 😄
i love your shirts
Oh my gosh, you weren't kidding!! You are a true Disney lover! Hahaha. I agree with @baileykayleen, love those socks, they're SO adorable! And from looking at your collection, I have a theory – tell me if I'm right – is Ariel your favorite? :D
@baileykayleen thank you! They're too cute to wear haha
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