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Finally caught up on reading FairyTail and FairyTail Zero. An man am I happy the manga is so good. Also, why do I love these two so much?
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I love Fairy Tail, my favorite characters are Natsu and Gajeel! Gehee!!! ^_^
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I have stopped watching Fairy Tail Idk why but I'm reading the manga and well as the Bleach manga since the show stopped. 馃樅馃槩
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Because Natsu won't let you leave. 掳*掳
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Fairy Tail is awesome... My dad and bro are actually watch the dubbed episode 17...9? meh, its someqhere in that range. Ive already watched it all in sub so im ahead of them--MMUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ;3
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I actually really love the relationship between Zeref and Mavis. The immortality thing is super interesting too
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