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So this drama is sooooooo good!!!!! Like love watching it its so interesting! So correct me if I'm wrong but this drama is just now airing right? well I looked it up and it said it was. for some reason I just thought that it ended like 2months ago. I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT EPISODE THOUGH!

They are sooo cute!πŸ’˜πŸ’‘

Jang Na-ra is so pretty and I love her character so much! Seo In Guk is such a good looking man*-* I kind of really like his eyes. And when he does that smirk... Asdfghjkl I die. Both great actors!

These three though.

Team of psychopaths I would sayxDDD lol just kidding they're awesome!

Oh and Kyungsoo! Can't forget about Kyungsoo😍πŸ”ͺ

lol he is scary af like he really did a great job! he's such a great actor (mostly cause being scary comes naturally. xD just kidding) but yea he's like that psychopath that you fall in love with. yea thanks D.O. because of you (and others) I like psychopaths -.- hahaha I love him xD <3
@mistymaity I'm off for the days after Sooooo yessim I'm going to be a zombie on Wednesday hahaha
@mistymaity Thank you so much guess I'll be pulling an all nighter after work tomorrow YES!!!
thank you for this card!
Yes, it's still running but will end this coming tuesday. & yes, this show is awesome!!!
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