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i was on messanger and i realized i had the weirdest.....welll @Starbabes and my sister had a weird conversation hand here it is....
so yeah this a weird conversation hahahah
i love having this conversations hahah
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@B1A4BTS5ever .............BWAHAHAHAH
I have conversations like this all the time..but half of the words are through gifs.....
This runs right along the lines of FLIES out of my mouth at random times when i am with my girls!!! And what makes it even more fun is that they too just say random stuff and at the end of the conversation we just ... STOP! Look at each other and then say in UNISON! "What were we saying?" Shrug and LOL !!! Yup Randomness is KEY to a HAPPY KPOP LIFE!!!
this made me laugh so hard I cried. I'm definitely awake now