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when Infinite's album CHALLENGE came out, this was my favorite song. I would listen to it 24/7 literally... after some time I thought of reading the lyrics because I thought it would have some good/meaningful lyrics. but nooooooo, they were talking about freaking clothes like wtfffff (btw I didnt even know the song title in english, I usually know their names in korean and dont care bout knowing the english title) ..... so, i after that, I dont even listen to this song anymore cuz it makes me mad Lmao ... so I have never ever again read a song's lyrics in english ... I think this is the only song I ever read in English ...
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I dont worry about english lyrics anymore haha @majesticx
@edwinb94 i personally want to know the lyrics. I think my worst nightmare is looking up vocaloid songs in english......that's way worse than kpop songs!
its about more than just clothes... its about how he wants his woman not go out and show off her body to just anyone. that he should be the only one seeing her like that because men are dogs and will take advantage of her... I get what your saying but I have to disagree. I fid it refreshing to find a deeper different meaning to songs that a poppy like this.
I understand I mean there are songs like that but only a few are ^^