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Got7 bias?

So since KCON LA, I've become interested in Got7! I had listened to their newest song Just Right & really liked it then their performance at KCON was so good I've been looking into them more! I've been watching the Real Got7 series, now I'm in season 3 lol. I'm looking into more of their MVs too of course. I really like them as group though!! ^^ but I still haven't be able to pick a favorite member~ its really hard with this group!!
I can easily see why Jackson is a popular favorite among IGot7. Hes very entertaining, cute & handsome. BamBam was the first to catch my attention though, he's so cute lol. But Mark also quickly caught my attention. He gives off a really cool vibe & then all of a sudden he's cute, which is what 2 of my top bias are also like. Plus he's handsome haha. The more I watched Real Got7 Youngjae & Jr. started the also catch my attention. Youngjae is also really cute and I really like his voice. Jr. gives off that really cool chill vibe compared to the others I think. but idk!! How does one pick a bias in a group like this??? They're just like BTS in this sense! BTS is sooo difficult to have a favorite(although mine is J-Hope cuz of his dancing skills & he's cool but also hilarious) Maybe it's still too early for me to really be able to pick a bias in Got7, but I really like them already!! Who is your bias in Got7 and why? Maybe this will help getting opinions from other fans!? ^^
It took me over a year to pick a bias in GOT7. Eventually I succumbed to Bambam 😆 He was just too adorable, and then when I met him (after I had picked him as my bias) he told me how he had noticed me on the front row at the concert 😱😱😱
you're just right! choosing a bias among Got7 is harder than climbing everest! as for me, I've been going crazy about who to choose, but finally made my life time decision to just love them all! 'cause the more you get to know them the more you see how special each member is! by the way! if you'd like to watch more programs "naver starcast" & "I Got7" are really great; you can see each members personality!;)
@ariana2k haha so far that's how Im thinking I'm going to be!! They are all awesome & thank you I'll check those out too! @srhyne12 omg that's awesome!!! ^^
from the beginning its been Jackson💜
I automatically went for mark 😍!! There's just something about him that draws me to him. But I totally loved how you received him and the members above 😊
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