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So since KCON LA, I've become interested in Got7! I had listened to their newest song Just Right & really liked it then their performance at KCON was so good I've been looking into them more! I've been watching the Real Got7 series, now I'm in season 3 lol. I'm looking into more of their MVs too of course. I really like them as group though!! ^^ but I still haven't be able to pick a favorite member~ its really hard with this group!!
I can easily see why Jackson is a popular favorite among IGot7. Hes very entertaining, cute & handsome. BamBam was the first to catch my attention though, he's so cute lol. But Mark also quickly caught my attention. He gives off a really cool vibe & then all of a sudden he's cute, which is what 2 of my top bias are also like. Plus he's handsome haha. The more I watched Real Got7 Youngjae & Jr. started the also catch my attention. Youngjae is also really cute and I really like his voice. Jr. gives off that really cool chill vibe compared to the others I think. but idk!! How does one pick a bias in a group like this??? They're just like BTS in this sense! BTS is sooo difficult to have a favorite(although mine is J-Hope cuz of his dancing skills & he's cool but also hilarious) Maybe it's still too early for me to really be able to pick a bias in Got7, but I really like them already!! Who is your bias in Got7 and why? Maybe this will help getting opinions from other fans!? ^^
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Yugyeom! He's extremely adorable and his broken English makes him even cutter! Not to mention, when he does Aegyo it makes my heart beat fast! :)
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@ariana2k haha so far that's how Im thinking I'm going to be!! They are all awesome & thank you I'll check those out too! @srhyne12 omg that's awesome!!! ^^
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I automatically went for mark 馃槏!! There's just something about him that draws me to him. But I totally loved how you received him and the members above 馃槉
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Its been Jackson for me since the beginning馃槉, although Mark is a close second
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My bias is BamBam. He always caught my eye from the beginning.
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