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Hiii, so i know I've shared stuff related to Got7, but I don't know anything about them and after listening to just right when it came out, I've been pushing off diving head first into their fandom but I can't hold off anymore. I was wandering what you guys thought of Got7? Who's your bias? Is JB the guy that drives the car in Just right!?!? Please don't hate me /).(\
Jackson and JB ruin me and Mark is not far behind lol Yeah JB is adorbs, what the future husbands video and JB will steal your heart
@xwnn620 YOU SPEAK TRUE (about JB's smile (and the rest of it)) JB is my bias, I love the way he is with the other members and how he acts as a leader but still knows how to have a freaking great time and I love how he is the (grand)dad of the group. (RealGot7 season 1 reference xD)
bro there's no way to hate an incoming fan who's volunteerinly going off to their doom (jk. but be careful of else you'll get sucked in too much) my bias is Jr because of his adorableness and how he's the mommy of the group, Jackson because he's the most charismatic dumb goof ever and JB. THERE ARE NO WAYS TO DESCRIBE JB'S SMILE THAT SMILE CAN END WARS AND MAKE HARDCOVER PRISONERS LAUGH.
@katiems that's were I'm at I'm like, "but who!?" @SHINee808 "saw JB and it was over!" Yasss @addri I haven't started real got7 but I'm excited to @szewwy I feel I may be like that @9thMuse it's somewhere between JB, Jackson, and yongjae?? Did I spell that right?
@SerenaMcG the first song i heard from them was GirlsGirlsGirls. at the time i thought BamBam was cute than i saw JB and it was over!!!! although i think they are all cute JB is my bias hands down. but ye
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