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Hiii, so i know I've shared stuff related to Got7, but I don't know anything about them and after listening to just right when it came out, I've been pushing off diving head first into their fandom but I can't hold off anymore. I was wandering what you guys thought of Got7? Who's your bias? Is JB the guy that drives the car in Just right!?!? Please don't hate me /).(\
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Got 7 is so good! JB and Mark are my current biases and Jackson is my first bias haha
Jackson is my bias
JB°•○ ♡♡♡
Don't worry. We can help u. My bias is Jackson and Bam Bam. The cuties, I love all of them. They have more songs than just right. You do know that? The person who was driving the car was JaeBum. I am not really sure.
Yes I do! @MorleeCorielus that's just the first one I listened to lol. They're all so cute lol!! Jackson is my bias as of right now idk if it's gonna stay or not, xD it takes me a while to pick one