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I want to turn the lights off and kiss you deep And then grab you by the waist and hold you within a single leap Then I press my body against yours and yours to the wall And you could feel our hearts synced to each of our fall I will bite and lick your lip like they are just for me And fill our minds and hearts with passion slowly We'd let the night fall But we'll stand tall As I will nibble and caress all your curves And lock your legs around my waist in the swirls I would kiss you and take you high Removing all your clothes I will not sigh As your body is so smooth and will be loved everywhere As I will touch you and lick you and bite you here and there I will put ice on your hot parts and let them cool But still I will get you hard on as I'm no fool I will unwrap your soul and fill my all inside you So that we reduce all the gaps to few We'd make love all night long and I will show my passion As my lady this is gonna be one hell of a session All the sweat and intoxicating aroma will fill our hearts And our bodies will never be apart I will give you a tongue and lips massage With my kissing I will take you so high that you won't barge I wish to push you and then pull to be close to you And kiss your soft skin like a morning dew I will caress your amazing body as my baby the night is ours And we'd be doing everything even under the shower In the kitchen, on the floor I'd take you wherever you go Just to make love to you As my lady I'm insane for you