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Seconds turning into minutes Minutes turning to hours Hours to days and days to months And here I am Still waiting for you to return All the time we spent Together by our side Did it really mean something Or was it all Just a lie? I still remember the stairs Where we used to meet And all that time we spent Under the shady oak trees I remember the day You told me Those three beautiful words I've always wanted to hear It felt like heaven Descended down to the earth In the Form of an angel Standing here, so near With each breath that she took It made me feel more alive With each step that she took I wanted to hug her so tight Tight enough to never let her go But she was a beautiful angel She never really belonged here Her place was among the stars With the heaven at her command Her destiny awaited her there It's been years since I've seen That angel near me again Her thoughts still haunt me Everyday in my dreams It's been years since I've held That beautiful soul in my arms But I'll wait for years again Maybe next one will be the charm Thank you all for your positive reviews and comments. I hope you like this one as well! :)
B-E-A-utiful!! My eyes filled with tears as I read
Beautiful words...thank you for sharing them
I like this a lot. You are telling a story that a lot of us are dealing with. And you wraped it well. A great card.