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I'm going to start this with my biggest collection aka my Reds collection. I went to my first Reds game when I was 3, and I've been a fan ever since. Contents: Phone case (not pictured) Duct tape (not pictured) Bracelet Sunglasses Mr. Red doll 3 shirts Flip flops And a home made blanket
My yo-yo's. Yes, I am that nerd that knows tons of tricks and always has a yo-yo (or 8) with them. (I even have a yo-yo holster, get on my level.) Collecton: Beginner yo-yo (clear) Trick yo-yo (blue) Clutch yo-yo's (green and orange) Fixed axel yo-yo's (Frozen TMNT) Broken clutch yo-to (captain America) "Advanced" yo-yo (holographic)
This is a small portion of my HK stuff Featured 2 rings Sleeping doll Mask Pez dispensers Phone case Candy box Bottle lid Christmas scrunchy
I have way more different collections (doctor who stuff, nail supplies, some Kpop merch, etc), but these are some of my favorite things, and I feel like they kind of give some insight to who I am. (I need to stop making such long posts!)
@B1A4BTS5ever thank you! :)
I'm super impressed with the yo-yo's! That Captain America one is super cool
dude i love this