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just one of those gloomy and rainy days.... i like to call this a lazy day in which i'll stay underneath my warm covers and watch kdramas..... (*_^)
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@Reyam Which dramas are you watching?
@yinodyang well right now all my dramas end ...i watch flower boy next door and maybe i will watch 7th Grade Civil Servant how about u??
Ah, I've heard those are good. I am definitely wanting to watch 7th Grade Civil Servant. I'm not sure yet. I have so many to finish watching. (-_-) But, I end up getting distracted and doing other things.
@yinofyang yep same for me but my internet connection is too slow these days thats why i cant watch more drama
Aww, that's a shame! Well, as long as you can get some drama in, that's good. :D