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Writers Tears is a light, sweet Irish whiskey made using a mix of single pot still and single malt whiskies, resulting in oodles of honey'd, fruity notes. Wonderfully easy to drink, it would make for a great introduction to Irish whiskey for folks new to the spirit. We got this one from my sisters' husband, who's Irish. I normally don't like whiskies that much, but I liked Writers tears a lot. It is soft and sweet with thick honey spread on granary toast. It is my totally favorite Irish whiskey so far.
awesome. my go to irish whiskey is always Jameson, so it'll be good to branch out.
I'm a bug whiskey fan, And this looks good. gonna have to try some
Yay!! Thank you @marshalledgar :)
I don't have a card in it. Hehehe thank you both @allischaaff @rodiziketan I need to make it first so I have some pictures. then I can write the card. I'll make it soon
@marshalledgar You have a card on that recipe, right? If not, you need to make one now, because you're making me and @rodiziketan very hungry :) sounds delish. This whiskey sounds really great, I always enjoy notes of honey in my alcohol. I agree with you, when you're going to really taste the alcohol, like when you're drinking it neat or in a simple cocktail, using top shelf bottles can go a long way. But if you're diluting it with all kinds of ingredients, as in frozen margaritas or another really sweet cocktail, you can totally get away with using the cheap stuff.
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