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they're super ultra cute but not sure if its for just not that talented walking in heels...
Lmao! Yes, exactly. Heels are gorgeous, but I just can't do them. I could if it was just for a photo, but I really love my sneakers and flip flops. I'm afraid I'd twist my ankle if I wore anything with heels that high. Lolol!
me too, especially when i go clubbing w/my gf's i wear very low pumps b/c i cant do heels and by the end of the night i have to take my shoes off b/c my feet is dying...lolz
Me neither, sis. I don't do heels unless I absolutely have to. They're beautiful, but not for a klutz like me. LOL!
Hahaha.. that quote really stucked in my mind, but just like you, I'm not that talented wearing heels. :-)
you make me laugh!!!! hahhahahahah.......yes, i remember that quote now that you mention it....LMAO!!!
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