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The Marriage Proposal Begging of game: ( https://www.vingle.net/posts/976754-The-Bts-Dating-Game )
your in the car of (Bts Member) and hes starting the car. he about to drive to a mystery destination you ask "hey where are we going you did tell me anything last night when we where talking on the phone" (Bts member) "its a surprise you will love it when we get there and you are gonna love what i planned out for us." Since the ride was pretty long you decided to take a little nap along the way (BTS Member) *wakes you up* "we are here babe come on close your eyes tho." *you close your eyes*, he get out of the car and goes open the door for you like a gentle men and grabs your hand. "are you closing your eyes?" he asked. (you)"yeah but im scared that im fall." you a laugh. (BTS Member) " don't worry you'll never fall when your with me cause ill never let that happen." still holding your hand he helps/guides you to make your way to "the mysterious place". (BTS Member) "open your eyes!!" he yelled. so you do and you realized its (your special place.) (You)" whoa babe you shouldnt have." you gave him a big hug/kiss and you guys began to enjoy your date,both of you played games dance just basically went crazy, both of laid on the floor next to each other and looked up at the sky. (you)"ummm....babe why are we the only ones here? i remembered this place would always be packed....we eventually found a quiet spot but still its weird right?" (BTS Member) "ummm about that i rented the whole place for us" (you) " that's a lot of money why would you do that you know im okay if its packed right." you sat up not really mad cause you knew it was sweet of him to do that but curious to know why since you knew that he knows your okay with anything as long as you guys are together. (BTS Member) sits up and says " ummmmmm its cause i have something to tell you" You looked at him confused and say "whats wrong." (Bts Member) smiles and hands you his song book "im writing this song and i kinda have writers block." you smile and grab his song book and say "let me see if i can help you" when you open it you notice this bump on a page so out of curiosity you turn to that page and you see a ring, you look up at (Bts Member) confused, you where about to say something but he smiles and cuts you off " (your name) will you make me the luckiest man in the world...will you marry me" you start crying tears of joy and reply "yes i will yes! yes! yes!" excitedly you jump on him to hug him but it cause both of you to fall. As hes on the floor and you on top of him he smiles and says " i love you i never want to lose you." you both kiss then you lay down beside him for a while before you both stand up and continue doing what you where doing.
~At the wedding~ you wearing you dream dress as you parents walk you down the eyes ears flow out of your eyes when you see (Bts Member) at the end of the room. you finally reach him and he whispers to you "you look beautiful thank you for making me the luckiest man in this world." you smile and whip your tears. while you say your vows (Bts Member) starts tearing up and turns so you wont see him but you caught him and smiled and started getting teary again. all you heard was "you may now kiss the bride" before you lips where smashed against his. you enjoyed the rest of your wedding, you had the best day ever you wouldn't want to change a thing. At the end of the day you smiled and told (Bts Member) " my favorite part of the wedding was when i caught you crying" (Bts Member) smiles and hugs you "i wasn't crying pshh....my favorite was when i got to kiss my bride" you look at him laughed and smile "i like that too" (Bts Member) smirks and said " you did....wait till our honeymoon"
so there is your little image thing i hope you liked it....hope you liked the game i love you guys ill see you in part 8 Yay!!! hahah bye bye
Ugh... why must be so romantic <3
I like this ending I had with suga
omgosh perfection !!!!!
Omg so cute like kyaaaaa haha so glad I started this game!!!
Me and Suga are now happily married :D . . . Even though I didn't pick the scenario for part 8 I'll still be reading it lol You're a great writer can wait to see more from you :)
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